Cihan Tea - Forget Winter Cold

Professional mountain climbing is considered one of the toughest sports/hobbies that athletes or adventure-seeking people take is as a challenge. It is even more challenging during cold winter and snow, climbers in groups start going up to the mountain using special gear and wearing special clothes, the process might take few hours until they reach the top. Staying on the apex and enjoying the view with a hot cup of tea will make the day easier and take away the winter cold.

Shots From Commercial

Production crew

Producer: Rezhwan Jaff
Director: Aland Kaban
Assistant Director: Solin Jaff

DOP: Aland Kaban
Focus Puller: Herman Sherzad
1st Assistant DoP: Dana
2nd Assistant DoP: Aras

Art Director: Bayan Rashidi
1st Assistant of Art Director: Bako Blanca
2nd Assistant of Art Director: Botan Abubakir

Casting Director: Srush Sardar

Production Manager: Deedar Wahab
Assistant Production Manager: Bishwan Ibrahim

Editing, Color Grading, and VFX: Miran Omar

Backstage Photo & Video: Aran Kaban

Mountaineers: Destey Shaxawany Lwtke

Client: Cihan Group
Production House: UE Productions
Creative Agency: UE Creative
Rental House: DSA Rental

About client

Cihan Tea, is one of brands that is owned by Cihan Foods a subsidiary of Cihan Group.