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Bakhteyare Company - Kalasher, The Helper



Shots From Commercial

Production crew

Producer: Rezhwan Jaff
Director: Aland Kaban
1st Assistant Director: Solin Jaff

Director of Photography: Aland Kaban
Focus Puller: Herman Sherzad
1st Assistant DoP: Namo
2nd Assistant DoP: Aras

Art Director: Bayan Rashidi
1st Assistant of Art Director: Znar
2nd Assistant of Art Director: Reband
Stylist: Rozan Mustafa
Makeup Artist: Zahra

Casting Director: Srush Sardar

Production Manager: Zana Rasool
Assistant Production Manager: Bishwan Ibrahim

Editing and Color Grading: Miran Omar

Client: Bakhteyare Company 
Production House: UE Productions 
Rental House: DSA Rental

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