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Cihan Tea - Feel the relaxation


A yoga instructor takes his students to a forest for practicing, the students line up in a formation and the instructor begins to show them the moves and teaches them new techniques, as they are about to finish the practice, the instructor tells them that they should perform some relaxation techniques in order to relax their body, muscles and brain, as he gives instruction to the students.
The instructor is secretly makes Cihan Tea without letting the students know, and drinks a cup of tea, then he feels the real relaxation, finally the students open their eyes and know about the trick, then they all drink a cup of Cihan Tea.

Shots From Commercial

Behind The Scenes

Productions crew

Producer: Rezhwan Jaff
Director: Aland Kaban
Production Manager: Deedar Wahab

About client

Cihan Tea, is one of brands that is owned by Cihan Foods a subsidiary of Cihan Group.

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