Saman Cement - Together to build a new iraq


Before civilization started, human life used to be difficult but yet simple, living in caves, hunting for food, using simple toolsand relying on muscle strength for transportation.
After finding agriculture and settling down in one place was the beginning of early civilizations, Mesopotamia is considered on of the oldest human civilizations and it was a place where many important inventions took place, such as writing, making measuring tools, finding wheel and making the first clock to tell time, these inventions led to a huge transformation and improvement in human life and are used until today.
Saman Cement Factory aimed to tell iraqi people that back in those days we were inventors and builders of the greatest civilizations, and today we will continue on the same path and together we build a new Iraq.

Shots From Commercial


Behind The Scenes

Productions crew

Producer: Rezhwan Jaff
Director: Aland Kaban
Director of Photography: Manhal Andrews
Production Manager: Deedar Wahab
Production Coordinator: Brwa Sabir
1st Assistant Director: Zana Ahmad
Art Director: Hawre Ali
Focus Puller: Herman Sherzad
Casting Director: Srush Sardar
Editing & Color Grading: Miran Omer
3D Modelling: Aran Hemin
Sound Producer: Sarko Sami
Makeup Artist: Shooresh Maroofi
Wardrobe: Tarza Kader
Art Director Assistants: Hardi Ali
Kurdo Abdulla
Shallaw Jamil
Botan Abubakir
Gaffer: Lhon Bahjat
Production House: UE Productions
Rental House: DSA Rental

About client

Saman Cement, is one of brands that is owned by Wataniya Group.