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Furniture is one of the essential products in our lives, whether we are in our bedrooms at home, watching TV in our living room, or working behind our desks at the office, we have a good amount of interaction with these products and use them in our daily life what separates good quality furniture from bad ones are several properties such as safety and comfort, aesthetics, durability, and design.

In these TV commercial series for Sadaf Mobilya, which is a very high-quality furniture brand, we focus on delivering a message to the viewers that these products have all the elements to be counted as a very high-quality product, they are very comfortable and durable, they have a very good looking and designed with the safety and health of the user in mind.



Comfort: In a way that the viewer gets a feel of comfort when seeing the characters sitting relaxed on the chairs or couches.

Prestige: The viewer will get a feel of the high-quality materials used in the product and their luxurious designs.

Family Values: It connects the viewer to their relationship with their families and having these products as a part of that vibe, where everyone enjoys their time being together with the presence of the brand.

Shots From Commercial

Production crew

Producer: Rezhwan Jaff
Director: Aland Kaban
1st Assistant Director: Solin Jaff

Director of Photography: Aland Kaban
Focus Puller: Herman Sherzad
1st Assistant DoP: Namo
2nd Assistant DoP: Aras

Art Director: Bayan Rashidi
1st Assistant of Art Director: Znar
2nd Assistant of Art Director: Reband
Stylist: Rozan Mustafa
Makeup Artist: Zahra

Casting Director: Srush Sardar

Production Manager: Zana Rasool
Assistant Production Manager: Bishwan Ibrahim

Editing and Color Grading: Miran Omar

Superstar: Nazdar

Client: Sadaf Group 
Production House: UE Productions
Creative Agency: UE Creative
Sound Studio: Aryos Record’s 
Rental House: DSA Rental

About client

Sadaf Group is a luxurious and high-quality furniture retailer in Iraq.