Together, to Build a New Iraq

Saman Cement – Together to build a new iraq Storyline: Before civilization started, human life used to be difficult but yet simple, living in caves, hunting for food, using simple toolsand relying on muscle strength for transportation. After finding agriculture and settling down in one place was the beginning of early civilizations, Mesopotamia is considered […]

Everywhere and for Everyone

Cihan Rice – Everywhere and for Everyone Storyline: This story shows how Cihan Rice is used widely by different people in different occasions, it can easily be bought in the markets, families can use it for family gatherings and having guests, chefs are using it in the big restaurants, athletes can use it for diet, […]

We Are Always With You

Tishknet 4G LTE – We Are Always With You Storyline: An ambulance team during night shift, they receive an emergency to go and rescue a girl who has fall from their balcony, they arrive at the scene where the policemen and other people gathered. They make way for the ambulance and the doctor with his […]